Team Alter

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                                                                                                                                             Nir Alter – Athlete
Nir achieved 3rd place in Ultraman UK 2011, He is currently living and training in Israel. Nir considers the hills of Jerusalem his base of operations.This 25 year-old athlete is geared for a long-term career in endurance sports like Ironman and Ultraman. He currently has his sights on the Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii in 2012.  


Matt Dixon- Coach                                                            Matt Dixon is coaching Nir for 2012 season. Matt also provide Team Alter with consultation on fitness and recovery. He aids in strategically focusing on “the big picture” to develop Nir’s abilities as an Ultraman Triathlete. Matt Dixon is founder of “purple patch fitness” and coach of some of the top professional athletes in the world like Chris Lieto, Rasmus Henning,Linsey Corbin, Rachel Joyce.


Dana Alter – Team Manager
Dana has organized team alter as a full-time job from beginning.  By virtue of her duty she is responsible for logistics and nutrition. She is the spirit of Team Alter and without her we couldn’t function.                          “Impressions” from Dana:


Scott Holtz – Support Crew
Scott is an Ironman athlete, with offices in Israel and America, and a father of five, who wants to help bring up champions from the land of Israel in this new and exciting sport of endurance racing.



Eran Caspi- Bike Mechanic                                                                                        Eran is owner of “Caspi Cycling Shop”- a pro rode bike shop in Israel. Eran will provide technical support and care for Nir Alter’s bike. With his dedicated care we are sure Nir will spend his time on the road, not it the workshop.


Eduardo Finkelstein                                                                                                             In the past few years Eduardo was Nir coach. Thgether we win 3rd place at UMUK 2011. As a team we apprecait and esteemet Eduardo work with us and wishing him good luck with his new team.

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