What is Ultraman?

The Ultraman World Championship is a three-day, 320 mile (515-km) annual endurance race held on the Big Island of Hawaii. The race is divided into three stages over three days: The first is a 6.2-mile (10-km) ocean swim from Kailua Bay to Keauhou Bay, followed by a 90-mile (145-km) cross-country bike ride, with vertical climbs that total 6,000 feet. Stage two is a 171.4-mile (276-km) bike ride from Volcanoes National Park to Kohala Village Inn, with total vertical climbs of 4,000 feet. Stage three is a 52.4-mile(84-km) double-marathon, which starts at Hawi and finishes on the beach at the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. Each stage must be completed within 12 hours or less. The swim portion of stage one must be completed in 5.5 hours or less. Participants who do not reach the finish lines within the time limits are disqualified.

This event attracts athletes who seek to explore the extreme in physical and mental abilities. The race is limited to 35 athletes on an invitation-only basis and attracts participants from around the world, including Brazil, Canada, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia and the United States. Racers must have reached their 20th birthday prior to the start of stage one. Each racer must be accompanied by an individual support team of at least two people over the entire course. Many support team members are volunteers from the Big Island community.

The first Ironman was held on February 18, 1978 in Hawaii, fifteen men started and 12 men finished. After an article in Sports Illustrated in 1979, entries increased in1980 to 108. In 1982, the United States Triathlon Association and the American Triathlon Association were born and merged together later that year to form the national governing body called the United States Triathlon Association. And in 1983, the first Ultraman World Championship was held.

The Ultraman Challenge has been held annually since 1983 over Thanksgiving weekend as an extreme offshoot of the Ironman. The Ultraman is a sanctioned triathlon by the Triathlon Federation/USA and takes the components of the Ironman to the limits. The popularity of races such as the Ironman and Ultraman helped to establish the triathlon as an Olympic sport. The Olympic Committee included the triathlon as an event during the 2000 Summer games in Sydney, Australia, in the form of swimming, biking and running.

ULTRAMAN world championships HAWAII race director: Jane Bockus.

ULTRAMAN CANADA race director: Steve Brown

ULTRAMAN UK race director: Simon Smith

Simon could not find time to send us his photo because he is already start working on ULTRAMAN SPAIN

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