The way from Solo to Team member

A lot was written about the significance value for athlete having support from his family and his internal social circle. If you take my daily schedule plan for example – elite athlete who races long distances and multi day races, you will find by a brief look that I have a solo spirit- this is the only explanation how I can spend literally 100% from my time on training, eating, recovering and sleeping. As I said, all of that can’t be done without the back stage workers\ supporters that help these solo spirit activities to occur. When I entered the Ultra Man world things had to be changed for my own good. For example, my life partner who normally helped me to buy food from the grocer becomes a chef because I literally don’t have power to cook or sometimes eat! after 8-9th riding. My coach that is usually supporting me until I get to the race starting line suddenly is present during the all 3 days of the race, 10 meters from me in the car calculating data, shouts instructions in the middle of “world war three” against the wind, rain and 84k run after too exhausting race days (pick whatever you want to). He also runs with you for a 1k or too as a friend. The shock news just keep on coming, now after you are a team member you are not leading or above no one in the team you are “The Athlete”- an equal member and the most needy one inside this group. There is an explanation for it that I present by asking a simple question: how many bar gels, sandwiches and bananas you can stick into your cycling shirt? For a big guy like me- 188 centimeter tall and 77 kilogram – you are talking about supply for only a few hours over the 180k-ironman distance, 418k riding of the Ultra Man- this is why it is easy to explain that I need mobile “grocery” vehicle linked to my jersey. When you think about this mobile “grocery” vehicle, you can imagine why it is sometimes more important than me to the success of our team. If you keep in your mind that this job includes providing supply also to the team manager, team navigator, team coach – you don’t have to imagine why this job is particularly important. If you want to become an Ultra Man you must prepare yourself to a long spiritual journey that will take you on a daily bases across spiritual challenges and force you to work with a team- In my case “Team Alter”. These are the people I lean on

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