There Is No Sales Volume For Agreement Sap

Manual provisions can be used in each of the agreement types if the configuration of the contract type allows it. Most of the time, manual provisions are used in agreements independent of sales volume. The agreed payment can be made in advance and then reduced with each payment. To view the updated discount provisions in the discount agreement, select the agreement term set and select the “Payment Data” icon. In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: Payment procedure: Indicates whether the discount should be paid up to the accumulated value or if there is no limit for manual payment. Select the type of discount agreement you want to use and assign it a package type group. Thus, in our example, the chord type 0001 is related to the packaging type group 0001. In addition, the group is associated with two packaging tables, 1 and 2, in the BO01 packaging mode, thus completing the assignment.

Valid proposal-So far, set a standard proposal for the expiry date for your discount agreement. Among the options available are the end of the month, the end of the year, a fixed date of 31.12.9999, a proposal according to the billing schedule, today`s date and no proposal. We have selected the Z2 billing method for discounts. We made sure that the 9090 distribution organization was ready for discount processing. The third step is the maintenance of the basic data. You must enable discounts for a customer in the customer rate. Valid proposal – From there, you submit a standard proposal for the validity start date of your discount agreement. You can choose the start date as today`s date, start of the week, start of the month or start of the year or leave the field blank if you do not want SAP to offer a start date. Is there a way to correct this message number “vk786-No Sales Volume shown in Rebate agreement XXXX” in the old delivery procedure,I Ran The sap Sales and Distribution module is part of the SAP Logistics module. He manages customer relations, from the establishment of the offer to customer orders and invoices.

Level of verification: indicates whether the system indicates all the supporting documents of the discount contract on the basis of which the rebate is calculated or whether it indicates the sums according to the payer, etc. Assign discount conditions to the group Follow the IMG menu path ➢ Distribution ➢ Billing ➢ Discount ➢ Discount agreements ➢ Packing groups ➢ Associate categories of conditions/tables. Here you can classify the reduction condition modes and underlying packaging tables of a packaging type group….

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