Sahtu Dene And Metis Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement

People were afraid to accept the contract because they didn`t know what was going to happen. The party couldn`t just come to town and say, “Here, we don`t give you the money for nothing.” The Indians had the impression that the whites were going to take something, that the whites did not give the money for nothing. You have to buy something, either the land or the people. That is how the Indians felt. They kept asking white people what the money is for. They said, “You can`t give us the money for nothing. It must mean something. The whites kept wobbling the people for treaties. They said, “You have to accept the contract.” People said no.

Everyone went home. The next day, it was still the same. You talked about taking the contract all day. They tried to force the people to accept the treaty. In his final report, Berger recommended a moratorium on development until the indigenous fonal claims were settled. The federal government has recognized unfulmet contracts throughout the NWT and has established mechanisms to negotiate fungal claims. The first agreement was reached with the Inuvialuit in 1984. The Dene and Metis came together and made a single claim to Denendeh lands. Agreement in principle on this statement was reached until 1988.

However, the agreement collapsed on a number of issues. Gwich`in communities withdrew from the process, followed by Sahtu communities. In 1991, the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement was signed….

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