Iraq Ceasefire Agreement

Following Iraq`s acceptance of all paragraphs of the resolution, a formal ceasefire began between Iraq and Kuwait and Member States cooperating with Kuwait. “We generally remain pessimistic until our plane moves away from the ground,” said Captain Craig Hendrix of Valdosta, Georgia, “but it reinforces our mood that there is a ceasefire agreement.” “The factions have presented a conditional ceasefire,” Mohammed Mohi, spokesman for the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah group, said on Sunday. United Nations, APRIL 6 — Iraq today passed the harsh United Nations Security Council resolution formally ending the Gulf War in exchange for President Saddam Hussein`s agreement to abandon all weapons of mass destruction and pay damages for his seven-month occupation of Kuwait. The Trump administration responded by threatening to shut down the United States. Embassy in Baghdad, a step that Iraqi officials say will accelerate Iran`s rise in the two countries` bitter struggle over Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003. Three young people died. A wish for justice. And a test for the new Iraqi leader. Before implementing the ceasefire resolution, the United Communities must set up a military team to monitor the controversial border between Iraq and Kuwait, a pretext for the invasion of Baghdad by their small neighbour. After discussing the facilitation of the repatriation of prisoners of war and cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Council requested Iraq to inform the Council that it does not engage in or support terrorism and that such acts are not authorized on its territory.

Killing a man familiar with the Iraqi government reveals the risk of a confrontation with Iranian-backed US militias. Analysts said Iraq appeared to have restored control of the country after revolts erupted after the Gulf War ended and a temporary ceasefire was put in place in late February. Meanwhile, Reuter quoted the Kurdish rebels as saying they had repelled an army attack on mountain fortresses in the northeastern city of Sulaymaniyah. Iraq announced wednesday that its forces had retaken Sulaymaniyah, the last major city held by the Kurds, who said they continued to launch hit-and-run attacks against the army from mountainous areas still under their control. The number of groups represented by the new body was unclear. Civil Affairs Command, which helped restore basic services in Kuwait. Among the main provisions are the destruction or removal of all Iraqi long-range ballistic missiles, including scuds fired during the war against Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as all chemical, biological and radiological weapons. . . .

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