Hudson Yards Project Labor Agreement

This source of friction has sparked a war of attrition between Related and the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, the umbrella organization of construction unions in New York. Last year, the Council held regular pickets on Manhattan`s West Side and rallies with elected officials under the hashtag #CountMeIn to secure a project employment contract for the $4 billion 50 Hudson Yards project. With the dispute at an impasse, the unions have turned to highlighting the public financial support Related receives for projects across the city. The developer of the country`s largest private construction project and the unions demanding the exclusive right to build have agreed on a framework that is now ending their bitter feud. With billions of dollars in wages at stake, LaBarbera seemed to conclude that it would be worth giving most unions a chance to work on the megaproject that lower-skilled workers would lose in some jobs to non-unionized colleagues. Organized work has suffered several blows in recent years, whether due to declining membership in many sectors or the U.S. Supreme Court`s Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 decision this year, which some observers say opened a “Pandora`s box” for public sector unions. When Related first announced in August that it had struck a deal with the carpenters, the developer said the deal was worth $75 million to $100 million for the union alone for 50 Hudson Yards. But at that time, Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council, called the news an announcement.

Hudson Yards is a long-standing project to create a new business district in Manhattan. The properties only became available after public and local authorities authorized the construction of docks above Manhattan`s West Side Rails, located below road level. The construction of the massive platforms opened 28 hectares of land for development, a few blocks from the Hudson River; The plan will eventually include approximately 18 million square meters of office, housing and retail space.. . . .

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