Hcv Repayment Agreement

Termination of Program Tenant – If a tenant is no longer entitled to assistance under the program, you will no longer receive payments from MSHDA. For a number of reasons, the tenant may no longer have the right to repair damage caused by the tenant, the tenant`s family or the tenant. B non-compliance with an MSHDA reimbursement agreement, non-provision and/or maintenance of equipment or services provided by the tenant, or failure to repair damage caused by the tenant, the tenant`s family or tenant. Rental agreement – You must present a lease that complies with all local laws and the housing assistance agreement. MSHDA is not a party to the rental agreement. The rental agreement must indicate the ancillary costs and equipment provided or paid by the tenant and the owner. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rents provided by MSHDA must be attached to the lease agreement. A copy of the signed lease must be filed with MSHDA. Termination of Lease – Upon expiry of the original rental term, the tenant may terminate the rental agreement with 30 days` notice to MSHDA and yourself, subject to the provisions of the rental agreement.

Revision of Student Status-TANF Verification Reciprocal Termination Forms – You and the tenant can both agree to terminate the lease. However, the termination must be made in writing on the reciprocal lease termination form available from MSHDA. The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) does not verify tenants in advance for suitability or behavior. This is the sole responsibility of the owner. Monthly rent – You are responsible for the tenant`s share in the monthly rent set back. You and the tenant determine the monthly rent.. . .

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