Benefits Of Mpsa Agreement

EA is Microsoft`s traditional flagship agreement, but MPSA was launched about three years ago to offer more flexibility in the face of Microsoft`s introduction of different service offerings. An EA is a fixed three-year contract that has the advantage of reducing software costs. An EA offers price protection, discounts, and true-up and true down rights. The MPSA has more flexible terms, with the ability for organizations to buy what they need. An Evergreen Agreement with a Much Simpler Contractual Structure The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a transactional license agreement for commercial, government, and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. MPSA is most suitable for organizations that want to license on-premises Microsoft software, cloud services, or both if necessary, without an enterprise-wide commitment as part of a single, non-final agreement. Software assurance is optional. As of July 1, 2015, corporate customers* can no longer sign a new Select Plus contract. This is due to the extension of Microsoft`s Product and Service Agreement (MPSA). The MPSA will replace all current Microsoft volume licensing offerings over time.

Existing enterprise customers can migrate to MPSA at the same price levels that you get under Select Plus. This way, you can use your current Select Plus investment while using MPSA`s new features and benefits. Microsoft has developed its licensing agreement programs over time, with the idea of achieving a “unified approach” in which customers can use an agreement to purchase all the products and services they want, Nowlan explained. It aims for a “more modern license” with the MPSA as well as the next step of Enterprise Advantage, he added. If the Enterprise Advantage option is launched in 2017, Microsoft will not attempt to force its customers into transition, Nowlan said. Microsoft has just announced in advance that it will come. This is something that must be taken into consideration when renewing or new agreements. Microsoft does not recommend switching to Enterprise Advantage in the medium term, Nowlan said. It`s possible that companies with more than 2,399 users or devices could use Enterprise Advantage “if their agreement is simple enough to be well filled with enterprise advantage functionality on MPSA,” Nowlan said. He explained that large organizations tend to make more complex deals with Microsoft.

The program will not necessarily be extended until Microsoft is sure of a good first customer experience at its current limits. MpSA offers superior value from your licensed assets, more flexible purchasing and simplified asset management through an improved contractual structure, a new purchasing platform and modernized systems and tools. Current Agreements Microsoft`s software licensing process consists of contractual agreements and software purchase elements called “records” that apply to subscriptions and perpetual licenses. EAs and Select Plus are based on the Microsoft Business Services Agreement, Mark Nowlan, Microsoft`s director of licensing marketing, said during a phone call. Services are purchased through subscription registration, online services or only cloud registration, as well as server and cloud registration. Purchases at the moment are done separately and in a complex way, he added. You can view your software licenses and cloud services through an MPSA at the Microsoft Business Center. To view software licenses through a different Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement, use the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). After your licenses and cloud services are fully covered by an MPSA, all your purchases through the MPSA can be viewed in one tool…

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