Amazon Confidentiality Noncompetition And Invention Assignment Agreement

This has to stop, and if you don`t want to stop it, then try negotiating an addendum to the deal for you that will allow it. If they refuse, you will have your answer. You also can`t have personal projects if you ever intend to share them. I asked several times for permission to do a side project in my time with my own material. The first time, I said “no” legally, because Amazon was also working in this sector – the sector in question is “machine learning”. The second time, they didn`t say “yes” or “no”, they just pointed out the non-competition clause to me and told me to “follow what it says”. Do what you want, but we reserve the right to sue you. In general, an inventor owns the rights to his invention. A central question is whether an employee signed the agreement before or after the start of work.

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