Agreement Unpaid Leave

Under the Fair Work Act, a worker is not entitled to annual leave, personal leave or care leave, or the right to a statutory holiday during leave without pay. It also affects a worker`s right to severance pay. However, leave without pay does not affect the worker`s continuity of service, which means that service to the employer counts both before and after leave without pay in the calculation of a worker`s entitlement. The Deputy Director must inform his contact with staff before taking the leave, so that salary adjustments can be processed in a timely manner. There are no fixed rules for asking employees to take leave without pay, as this is essentially an agreement between you and the employee. The standard leave contract below describes an agreement between “ABC, Inc.” and an employee, “Kimiko Uehara”. ABC, Inc. agrees to be put on leave from Kimiko Uehara due to personal problems and describes the holiday conditions. 5.1 When a staff member wishes to apply for leave without pay, he/she is invited to first discuss his/her request with his/her department head/manager.

5.6 The employee is required to sign and return the letter from personnel management to confirm his or her agreement to the terms of the leave without pay. Failure to sign and return the letter results in the revocation of the worker`s leave without pay agreement. Requests for unpaid work must also be communicated to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of their college/department head (in agreement with their HRBP on behalf of the hr director), and such requests are not inappropriately rejected. 5.10 There is no right of appeal in the event of rejection of a worker`s request for unpaid leave, but the worker may, if he feels that he has been inappropriately refused, use the school`s appeal procedures as needed. If, during the leave without pay, the employee position is part of an area undergoing restructuring, he or she is associated with communication and consultation, in the same way as other employees, in accordance with the university`s restructuring and termination framework. It is the employee`s responsibility to ensure that their contact information is up to date. 4.2 It is the school`s policy to pay the employer`s pension contribution for the first 12 months of the unpaid absence of an employee who is either a member of the USS pension plan or SAUL, in accordance with the rules of the respective plans. .

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