Service Level Agreement For Equipment

(b) We guarantee that all services (“service”) that we provide in accordance with the service level agreement in accordance with Sections 17 to 22 (the “ALS”) will be provided in a professional and professional manner. If service companies focus on costs, the service suffers. If the service suffers, there are repercussions on the end user`s economy. The deficit caused by cheap ALS has opened the door for independent suppliers to return to the basics of aid and provide rapid resolution, increased operating time and reliable service. Support providers who value quality ensure that coverage levels meet the company`s requirements. They also allow time and time troubleshooting engineers to offer high quality service and superior hardware exchanges. Note: SLA does not include maintenance and support for licensed or subscription software products. Software maintenance and support are described in the Software Maintenance Contract (SMA) for each proprietary licensed software product. First, Den Service Level`s maintenance contracts have changed dramatically since their inception nearly thirty years ago. Changes to these agreements have made it more difficult to understand coverage levels, as the complexity of providers, response rates and service definitions has changed. supply of equipment and supplies, as well as maintenance of such equipment and supplies.

This is all-inclusive equipment, maintenance, parts, travel, toner and all consumables except paper and staples. New equipment placements are delivered within 30 days of the closing of the evaluation and the client`s consent with an agreed work statement (see item 16). Form of work instruction – example). 1. We guarantee that all PBI (PBI) equipment is free of material and processing defects and, depending on the operators, will install PBI equipment on your site for a period of ninety days from the date (i) if PBI installs the PBI device for you or (ii) the PBI device will be delivered to you if you can install it yourself. The DI2000™ plug system has its own warranty that you can see at: (d) There is no warranty for PBI devices that need to be repaired or replaced due to an excluded circumstance. “Excluded Circumstances,” a circumstance not controlled by PBI, including an accident, your careless or careless use of equipment, the use of devices beyond our recommendations or, in a manner not authorized by this Agreement or by an operator, the use of the devices in an environment where air humidity, line voltage, transit damage, software virus, data loss, loss or fluctuation of electricity, flooding or other natural causes. The warranty also does not apply if someone other than us put the device, you do not use the necessary software updates, you use the device with a system, we have informed you that we no longer provide assistance or that we are no longer compatible with you, or you use third-party accessories (for example. B ink), hardware or software that (i) damages devices (including damage to print heads), (ii) poor quality of printing clues, text or image, (iii) indivisibility error or (iv) error in printing clues, texts or images.

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