Bluehost Data Processing Agreement

All websites where any violation occurs under the RGPD must share this information with all users. Data protection violations could jeopardize users` freedoms and rights. Therefore, such notifications are immediately necessary. It is necessary that such messages be sent after the RGPD within 72 hours of notification of the infringement. It is also the responsibility of data collectors and data publishers to inform users after learning of the injury. The user`s personal data (PII) is protected by the RGPD. The RGPD also aims to keep businesses at a higher level in terms of collecting, using and retaining user data. Personal data that may collect websites includes name, address, IP address, physical address, income, health information, etc. “regulatory authority,” data protection regulator, which is responsible for processing personal data by the processing manager; and SiteGround processes customer data in accordance with this data protection authority, which is the customer`s comprehensive and ultimate guidance to SiteGround regarding the processing of customer data. Processing outside the scope of this data protection authority (if any) requires prior written agreement between SiteGround and the customer regarding additional processing instructions. With the completion of this data protection authority, the customer orders SiteGround to process customer data only in accordance with applicable legislation: to put it in plain English, the RGPD ensures that companies cannot bypass spam by sending emails they have not requested.

Companies cannot sell people`s data without their explicit consent (good luck obtaining that consent). Companies should delete the user`s account and opt out of email lists if the user asks you to. Businesses need to report data breaches and, overall, be better at data protection. Google Analytics: If you use Google Analytics on wordPress to track user interactions, you can collect personal data such as IP addresses, user IDDS and behavioral profiling cookies. The RGPD requires that certain safeguards be provided when transferring personal data outside the EU. Bluehost is already certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield, which allows the company to legally transmit EU personal data to our US data centers.

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